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Car Care Cleaning Kit

MOPAR Car Cleaning Kit

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Product Specifications:

This car care kit includes

  • Plastic Cleaner & Polish (500mL) -Formulated for use on tires, interior and exterior vinyl, also good for plastic and rubber surfaces. Pleasantly perfumed and leaves a high gloss finish if applied directly to surface, and a matt finish if applied by cloth.

  • Upholstery Cleaner (500mL)- Formulated with a blend of alkaloids and detergents effective in cleaning grease and ingrained soils. Cleans vehicle bodies, carpets and upholstery, floors, glass, paint-work, plastic, rubber and most other surfaces.

  • Car Polish (500mL) - Formulated for a long-lasting finish that can be applied to all types of new and nearly new vehicle paint finishes. Removes minor scratches, hazing and greasy residue. Removes minor blemishes, tar and insect stains without affecting rubber, glass or plastic.

  • Car Wash Shampoo(500mL) - Formulated as a high foaming concentrated cleaner derived from vegetable oils which is gentle on hands yet removes all types of dirt from vehicle paint, chrome, rubber and vinyl. Use to maintain and protect painted surfaces.

  • Jumbo Sponge- is useful in many applications because :

  • Extra absorbent and durable

  • Bone shape is easy to hold

  • Extra large sponge can hold more soap and water

  • Perfect for any car wash

  • Won't scratch or damage even the most sensitive surfaces

  • Micro Fiber Cloth - The Premium Quality micro fiber used, is an excellent absorber & just cleans better than other micro fiber products, cotton or chamois. Reusable Ultra-Soft non-abrasive absorbent Designed for cleaning pros who demand performance & durability.

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